Commercial Truck Financing

Commercial Truck Financing

Trailer Financing

Trailer Financing for Credit Impaired Buyers

We fully comprehend that you depend heavily on your truck and tractor to earn a livelihood. Whether you move gravel, haul cars, or transport general freight across the country, your trailer is essential to your job. Whether you are just beginning your business or want to replace an outdated vehicle, you need to get the best prices and trailer financing available in the current market. This is not usually a challenge for those with great credit. Where do you go, however, if your credit is less-than-perfect? There is a simple answer to that question. When you need a truck and have bad credit, you may turn to Capital Solution for assistance.

Trailer Types

We offer financing on various trailers that suit all types of purposes. We finance:
Conventional Semi Trailers
Reefer Trailers
Auto Haulers
Dry Vans
All Construction Trailer Types
Dump Trailers
Commercial Trailers
Almost any type of Commercial Trailer

We Do Not Finance

Cargo Trailers
Food/Concession Trailers
RV’s of any kind
Big Tex trailers
Any Trailer Under $8,000
(unless it’s a used dry van or something similar for the trucking industry)

We proudly offer special financing that suits your convenience, and we can even help those who have poor credit ratings. We are devoted to helping small owner-operators, so you may call on us to help you even if other lenders have turned you down.

Poor Credit Need Not Prevent You From Obtaining Trailer Financing

It is hard for those with poor credit to get the financing they need. We fully understand that you require a new trailer to grow your business and increase business revenue and profits. That is why we extend trailer financing to those with bad credit. We require no minimum credit score and we let beginning owner/operators pledge their own personal assets as security for the loan.

You Pick the Trailer – Let Us Help With Trailer Financing

It is your responsibility to locate the right trailer for your needs at an affordable price. You may, however, call on us to provide the financing once you find that perfect deal. We provide financing for trailers bought from all types of sources:

– Auctions
– Private parties
– Local dealers
– Online purchases

We can extend the financing you need to take your business to the next level by taking advantage of that great deal. 

Telephone Approval

Focusing on developing your business and succeeding keeps you extremely busy. You simply do not have time to spend hours waiting on hold, completing loan applications, and waiting for an answer. You must make numerous decisions, earn new accounts, and service existing customers. For these reasons, we offer telephone pre-approval. You can obtain a tentative approval from our office, so that you may go ahead and make informed decisions about your business while the loan is being finalized.

When you want to take your business to the next level by adding another trailer, allow Capital Solutions to assist you with obtaining the financing you need. We happily extend assistance to those with bad credit, so you can get the help you need – even if your credit score is somewhat “shaky.” After finding the right deal for you, you may count on us to provide you with the best trailer financing.

Trailer Financing for Those With Bad Credit

If you have declared bankruptcy, had a repossession, or have late pays on your credit file, we can help you finance a commercial trailer. Do not allow past credit issues to prevent you from growing your trucking business to the maximum level.