Commercial Truck Financing

Commercial Truck Financing

Semi Truck Financing

Semi Truck Financing

Since 1997 Capital Solutions has provided semi truck financing for truckers with bad credit. Most of what we do is in the trucking, over the road, owner operator markets. We know you are more than just a credit score; in fact we don’t go by credit in order to approve you. By getting additional collateral in the form of other free and clear trucks, heavy equipment, or putting 50% down we can get around almost any credit problem.

Here is an overview of our program:

We Don’t Sell Trucks! You Pick The Dealer, Private Party, Auction, Etc.​

On your first phone call with Capital Solutions you will know:

  • If you pre-qualify (final approval comes within about 24 hours and we have a 94% approval rate with our underwriters)
  • How much you are pre-qualified for
  • What your monthly payment and terms be
  • How the process will go, application to funding
  • And, of course, answer any questions you may have

Having specialized in the over the road trucking market we understand the economics of running trucks. Whether your local, regional, or coast to coast we understand the financial aspect of your business.

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Semi Truck Financing Bad Credit

Our average customer’s credit score as of December 2022 was 582. We understand that things can happen outside of your control that adversely affects your credit. Semi truck financing with bad credit should not be impossible. When other financing companies have turned you down give us a call or submit our online application. We can give you an answer over the phone.


Semi Truck Loans

How much revenue are you missing out on because you don’t have the truck to run with? Too often bad credit keeps us from growing our business. Because Capital Solutions relies on equity in the form of other collateral we can get around the credit issues that are holding you back. Semi truck loans for the trucker with less than perfect credit.