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Commercial Truck Financing

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Dump Truck Financing for Business Owners with Bad Credit

Business owners with bad credit have limited options when it comes to obtaining dump truck financing. The financial experts at Capital Solutions are familiar with these problems but we understand that companies in need of specialized vehicles are low risk and have the potential to increase profits with access to the equipment they need. This explains why we are willing to provide affordable options for even those business owners who have low credit scores.

We Don’t Sell Trucks! You Pick The Dealer, Private Party, Auction, Etc.

We Finance a Variety of Dump Trucks

Business owners who find it hard to obtain dump truck financing because of poor credit issues can take advantage of our leasing options.

Capital Solutions is willing to work with all business owners, regardless of credit status. Financial difficulties are common and we recognize the need for individuals to repair their credit and raise their scores. We do what we can to help, regardless of whether you have ever owned a dump truck or are interested in becoming a first-time buyer. We can assist you in obtaining the necessary financing even if you have experienced repossessions or bankruptcy in the past. Application approval is based on meeting our basic minimum requirements and while we cannot guarantee approval for all applicants, we will do our best to reach a mutually acceptable solution with anyone who has a need for vehicle financing. We can create a custom payment plan that suits almost anyone’s budget. Call us today to discuss your dump truck loan options and we can help improve your income potential.

We offer financing for dump trucks to:

If you have low credit scores, there is no need to rely on dump truck rental. Our financing programs allow you to purchase a vehicle for approximately the same monthly payment amount it would cost you to rent.

Dump Truck Loans

We understand the need to provide financing when your company experiences financial difficulties and you are searching for ways to stay in business and avoid the need to file for bankruptcy. Financial problems do not automatically exclude you from receiving the help you need. With one call to our financial experts, we can offer dump truck loans that allow you to keep the doors open and increase income. We make it easy for you find the help you need by calling our professionals at Capital Solutions or filling out our Financing Application Form.